Ken Birch
Les Iles, 2 Bruton Road
Morden sur Wandle
020 - 8286 4074 (24hours)

C# Web Application Developer;
Web-Site and Mobile Apps Development, with Databases;
using, JavaScript, CSS, JQuery, JSON and T-SQL;
preferred locations Morden, Sutton and south west / central London.


 Mobile Applications, support and development (SOA, JSON, Android)3 years
 Web sites by Microsoft (JS, C#, v2/, JSON, JQuery, IIS, T-SQL)10 years
 Server Support and Sys-Op functions4 years
 In-House Applications (C#, v2/, VB, C++, SQL)6 years
 Open Source Web (ASP, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL) (old skills)(2 years)
 (Access database applications, all versions, upgrades; VBA)(very old skills)


 Mobile Applications: Support and Development, SOA, C#, Java, Eclipse.
 Web and Intranet: Visual-Studio,, JavaScript, CSS, Flash, IIS.
 Databases: Applications, Ms-SQL(2k3-2k12), T-SQL, MySQL; Web or PC.
 Rapid Application Development (RAD): user interface requirements; business rules; object oriented design; entity life history, systems analysis (SSADM)
 Agile Development: rapid delivery of useful software, working software delivered frequently, handle changing requirements, adaptation to changing circumstances.
 Engineering: Real-time Control systems, Broadcast and Video systems, Documentation and Training; Version Control initiation and use, Commissioning, Integration, Overseas Installation, Format conversions and parsers, e-Commerce, Banking, user security and encryption, MoD work.
 (B.Sc. (Hon.) Electronics, London University; “O” English: “A” Maths)


Ian Pemberton, Human Focus International, 41 London Road, Reigate Surrey RH2 9RJ

John Cross, Alcatel Submarine Networks, Christchurch Way, Greenwich, London SE10 0AH


(0) Skills Training Exercise October 2015 – December 2015.

To plug holes in my skill-set, I am undertaking extensive training courses.


(1) Human Focus International Ltd. May 2004 - Septerber 2015.

Castle Court, 41 London Road, Reigate Surrey RH2 9RJ.

Web-Site (login as guest).

I had worked for this company a number of times on a contract basis, before taking a permanent job. At the time they were a publisher of ‘Health and Safety’ training videos on CDs with associated pamphlets and software applications; but due to changing market conditions, new business dried up and existing customers were going to the competition.

I was tasked with creating an internet based training system that would comprise both on-line training and training management control. After some prototyping solutions and a market testing exercise, a web-application was created; this improved the company’s fortunes and allowed then to expand in both terms of staff and associated revenue streams. I performed this work ‘at home’ with regular visits to the company’s main premises, combined with weekly progress reports and tele-conf sessions.

A few years ago it was decided to create a smart-phone application to allow trainee’s to watch the training videos on their mobile phones. I was involved in the project start-up and did the initial feasibility study; but it was decided to use developers from Pakistan to develop the smart phone applications, whilst I would develop the web-service sub-system. Earlier this year the entire development department was exported to Pakistan and I was made redundant; developers are very much cheaper in Pakistan.

 (a) Produce Browser based versions of 'Health and Safety' compliance, industrial risk calculators and report generators. ASP, COM, VB6, VBScript, JavaScript, DHTML, Access2k2, IIS5.1.
(b) Produce Hosted Web-Site for registered customers use, to view browser based versions of training videos and quizzes as ‘Computer Based Training’ for 'Health and Safety' compliance. With Manager report generation and Trainee control and editing. Produce Web-forms for the administration of Web-Site database. PHP4, JavaScript, , My-SQL, Dream-weaver and Flash-MX, Remote ISP (Apache).
(c) Update web site, move to own server running windows 2003 server, IIS 6.0, SQL Server 2000-R2 and V2. With enhanced capabilities including Industrial and Office Risk Management for H&S compliance; with Sponsor logo re-branding via cascading Master Pages, automatic alerts using e-mail from an XSLT template. (C# / VB), dotNet-V2.0, JavaScript, DHTML, Flash-MX, SQL Server V8-R2, T-SQL, Visual Studio, IIS6.0, SMTP, FTP, Server Remote Control, XML, XSLT.
(d) Update web-site with move to new dual servers, web-sites and databases separated from video, image and document content. Upgraded web-pages to handle hierarchical questionnaires with e-mailed reports, and control core to ease questionnaire creation. Updated Movie Player. V2 (C#), JavaScript, Flash-MX, SQL Server V8-R2, T-SQL, Visual Studio, IIS6.0, SMTP, FTP, Server 2003, XML.
(e)Implementation of version control and bug tracking system. Source-Gear Fortress/Vault.
(f)Update web-site servers set-up using back-up application and co-location ISP to guarantee up-time, using ‘Backup Assist’ application and R-Sync communications links. Server 2k8 R2, R-Sync
(g)Extended web-site to add External Training Certification support, to management reporting; ‘SCLR’ stand-alone application using Smart-Cards to display Contractors training record on-site. Smart-Cards
(h)Implemented Work-Flow Control for some complex web-pages on web-site, using Microsoft Workflow library combined with Training Entity concepts, to solve some longstanding problems. WF-4.0
(i) Support for dedicated Mobile Applications. Added Service Oriented Architecture to web-site back-end, to support ‘Workplace Observation and Training’ Mobile Application; developed by in-house development team based in Pakistan. Developed test Android mobile application. Added support for Workplace Observation handling to web-site. S.O.A., Mobile Apps. (Android, Win8 and IOS).
(j) Project managed new web-site for ‘e-Label’ concept, using ‘QR-Code’ images linked to ordinary mobile phones. To present customer and casual Health and Safety related information display and feedback; with loose linking to current e-Learning web-site. Subsequent expansion to use mobile ‘Apps’ handled by team in Pakistan; involved in Project hand-over.
(k) Created more immersive user experience when viewing training material, involving interactive images and ‘spot the hazard’ questionnaire items. Added customer generated, simplified versions of ‘Hot-Spots’.
(l)Involved in the move of all development work to Pakistan, and the web-sites move to Cloud Servers.

There were numerous other smaller projects that involved programming in C#, as well as the maintenance of the web-site, and the creation of in-house staff ‘helper’ web-pages. Most of the earlier web-pages written in were converted to as they were upgraded. A number of simple stand-alone applications were created in C# and T-SQL, but they were auto-generated with little need for extensive design; although one did use directory hard-links and soft-links to implement multiple references to the same video-clip files, without requiring duplication, combined with FTP.

(2) Human Focus - Return to Work Ltd. January 2004 - August 2004.

8 Bedford Park, Croydon, Surrey CR0 2AP.

 (a) Update 'Return to Work' Workflow system, to incorporate new practices; after feedback from staff and sales personnel. Expand import / export data system, for DWP Provider specifications; due to DWP mid-project re-evaluation exercise. Access2k2, VB6Access97, VBA
(b)Web browser based helper function to select correct World Health Organisation 'diagnosis code' (ICD10 code) for in-house and co-contractors use in data entry. ASP, VBScript, Excel2k2
(c)Develop 'work-around' to inherent MSAccess97 replication problems. Check previous replication and provide means to correct any faults found. Access97,,
(d)Investigate Company wide upgrade to SQL Server and live web pages, after successful company take-over.,,, and Access2k2 Projects and SQL Server2000.

(3) Ken Birch Design… June 2002 - August 2003. (Fixed price/ Cost plus contracts)

Les Iles, 2 Bruton Road, Morden sur Wandle, Surrey SM4 5RY.

 (a) Updated CDLL database, adding functionality; with greater user guidance for clients, also including importing of raw data (.csv files) and extra graphing and data types. Access 2k, VB6. (Alcatel)
(b) Human resources company, ‘Return to Work’ Workflow system for company expansion, due to government contract from Dept. of Works and Pensions (DWP). Implementation of workflow system, from paper based system; from single site to four sites. System Analysis and development, with PGP encryption, and replication; using a correspondence log model. With data exchange between DWP co-contractors, and liaising with DWP. Access 97 and 2k, VB6 and Excel 2k (Human Focus)
(c)Cut-down version of R2W - Workflow system for use by co-contractor organisations, for their inter-communications with DWP via HF. Access ’97. (Human Focus)

(4) Ken Birch Design… May 2000 - June 2002. (Fixed price/ Cost plus contracts)

80 Coverton Road, Tooting, London SW17 0QN.

 (a) Q.A. Quick Graph printing system, upgrade to previous version, with added functionality and improved design. Specifically tailored to IC production usage, but with well defined interface for use with other in-house database systems. Access '97 'Add-In' library. (Alcatel)
(b) Senior Technical Consultant to 'B2B - ISP' e-commerce start-up. Using RAD-SSADM techniques, for feasibility study; functional prototype; and implementation, test, and launch. SQL, VC++, MFC, WWW, ASP, Java, JavaScript. (Planet Octopus Ltd.)
(c) Modification of previous 'Cable T.V. Video Player' system for installation at 'EMAP : The Box/Kiss FM'. Design and integration of 'Video Play-list' database system. Visual C++ v5, Access '97. (IMT)
(d) Fibre-optic submarine cable Chromatic Dispersion and light loss, distributed database; for installation of submarine telephone cables, at Paris head office and on-board client's customer's cable laying ships. Access '97, Excel '97, extensive VBA. (Alcatel)

(5) Alcatel Submarine Networks Ltd, Production Office. January 1999 – April 2000

Christchurch Way, Greenwich, London SE10 0AH.

 (a) I.C. database upgrade and consolidate, legacy code; with improved user interface, and correction of bad design flaws and ‘user’ written code. Access V1.0 and V2.0 to ’97; VBA, data conversion.
(b)Q.A. Histogram printing sub-system, legacy code. Improve, correct, and re-package. Access ’97.
(c)Produce database for the automation of wound resistor and coil manufacture. Access ’97.
(d) Automate production of reports for customer acceptance of Fibre-Optic Trans-Oceanic submarine telephone cable amplifier repeaters, RPR - CCC (Repeater Performance Report and Customer Confidence Check). Based on Access ’97 database with connections to Oracle 7 database, producing paper and electronic versions of reports. Access97, VBA, HTML.
(e)Company Intranet pages for RPR-CCC reports and data. HTML.

(6) Various other work and fixed price contracts 1986 – December 1998

Action Time Ltd.Video tape library database, sales and production aid.

Quota Computer Associates Ltd.Provide software support for Membership system.

Bodyline Ltd.Provide technical support to start-up franchisee.

Interactive Media Technology Ltd.Cable TV Video Player, music videos, advert inserts, database.

The Convergence Company Ltd.Feasibility study, TV Broadcast plus Web-Site, 'Far East' market.

Quota Computer Associates Ltd.Video Capture OCX, Smart-Card Reader OCX, in-house databases.

Geo - Services International (UK) Ltd.Geographic data display, manipulation, contouring system.

Alcatel Submarine Systems.Test system for Fibre-Optic Trans-Pacific submarine cable repeaters.

Retail Business Systems Ltd.WinNT file conversion from AS400, for EPOS. On-site reporting.

Human Focus Ltd.Various Applications relating to Health and Safety compliance.

South Thames College.Video Edit suites and AV;helping students and staff with projects.

Centre-File, Nat. West. Bank.E.D.I. Funds Transfer, Version Control of software and documentation.

Continental Defence Electronics Ltd.Surveillance Microwave Receiver, Alarm system, MoD.

Ameeco (Hydrospace) Ltd.Software and Hardware Engineer; Sonar control systems, MoD.